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ICF Basements

What is ICF?
ICF is short form for Insulated Concrete Forms. The insulated forms remain in place after the concrete is poured making for a dry and warm basement. A waterproof peal and stick membrane is applied to the exterior wall before backfill and drywall is glued or screwed onto the interior wall. The net result when paired with an insulated and radiant heated floor is a "High Performance Basement". Not only does ICF meet today's new Building Code but it surpasses it performing at an R Value of plus 50. If you are planning to use your basement space then ICF is for you!
How much does ICF cost?
ICF is now cost comparative with conventional poured basement foundations. The new Building Code requires interior basement walls to be fully insulated to an R22 value which is provided with the add-on expense of studding the interior walls, adding insulation and vapour barrier and then usually covered with drywall. Call me for a price comparison.
How long has ICF been around?
ICF has been manufactured and used in Canada for over 35 years. ICF was made in Cobourg Ontario but initial sales were more predominate in western Canada, Calgary, Edmonton, Fort McMurray and Northern Ontario. It was very popular in those locations because of the energy savings on heat. With today's new Building Code requirements ICF is gaining wide spread popularity in Southern Ontario and I predict that one day all basements will be made this way.
I have designed and built over 20 basements with the ICF system. I am a certified installer from the manufacturer AMVIC, Toronto but today I prefer to just design and consult with homeowners and builders and teach them how to install ICF themselves. Savings are huge if you do it yourself.
IS ICF right for my project?
Call me! After our conversation you will be convinced especially if you want lower heating and cooling costs plus a warm and dry basement that will be free of mold.
ICF can be constructed right to the roof for extra energy savings. There is a picture on this web site in Projects Photo Gallery page on the top right corner showing a home during construction with ICF from the basement to the roof. Call and ask me to review your project to see if ICF is right for you!
Call me - Paul Peterson (226) 344-5772
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